About company


Elvanwood is a young development company that began its history in 2017. We started our activity with the production of raw and dry boards from pine, oak and ash. The next stage of our development was the opening of our own workshop for the production of furniture. Our products have been successfully exported to South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Belarus.

Today we are a full-cycle woodworking enterprise – in our carpentry production we receive round timber as raw material, at the exit we receive finished furniture made of wood.

The wood is carefully selected and dried using special technologies. We work only with certified suppliers of materials that meet the strict requirements of the international FSC environmental certificate.

For our products we use solid oak and ash – two types of wood, the furniture of which is recognized as a benchmark. The hardness of the material ensures protection from dents and makes the furniture durable. Resistant to humid conditions, ash and oak furniture is ideal for outdoor use.

As a full-cycle company, we can manufacture any wood product according to individual orders. 3D milling equipment allows us to produce unique products, perform high-precision wood carving, create decorative elements and exclusive furniture.


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